(#4) The “third piece”

With unreliable weather patterns, this trend was almost a necessity. Topping your outfit with a bomber jacket, duster coat, or denim trucker is the only way to properly prepare for the weather ahead. The biggest surprise this season is the overwhelming response to bomber jackets; while these jackets were available in years past, this is the first season that the trend has resonated with the masses. I can’t walk down a New York street without seeing a dozen outfits topped with a silky bomber jacket. The duster is just starting to emerge as a trend and I only see this trend getting bigger for seasons to come. Last but not least, the denim jacket has been a staple since the “beginning of time,” but this year, the silhouette is more oversized than it has been in recent years. Plus, the denim jacket is ideal for some DIY pins and patches!

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