Bra shopping has never been easier

As you may or may not know, I work in the infamous “fashion industry”. Everyday new and upcoming trends come across my desk and while I like to be fully informed, not all trends appeal to my taste or flatter my shape. This spring shoulder interest has continued to rule the streets of New York, whether it’s cold shoulder, one shoulder, off the shoulder, its all about showing some shoulders! If you take a gander at my Instagram feed you will quickly see that I’ve jumped on the sexy shoulder bandwagon. I love this look and there are so many varieties of this trend emerging that I do not see it dying off anytime soon.

For me, the biggest issue I have with this trend is the undergarments to wear when showing some substantial skin. I have a larger chest and strapless bras have always been a major pain point for me. Either the bra falls down or squishes me to death. I work in a trendy office and while I love to rock this look on the regular, the idea of sitting at my desk all day, half suffocating is absolutely daunting. However, I am happy to report that I have found a solution!

Brayola approached me about a month ago and based on their recommendations for me I have found two amazing, supportive, non-constrictive, strapless bras! Brayola is the world’s smartest personal bra shopper that uses bra match technology to match women of all sizes with the perfect bra. I must admit that I was skeptical of the site’s claims at first but but when multiple great fitting bras arrived at my door I quickly became a believer! I have linked two of my new favorite strapless supporters below but I would definitely recommend checking out all of the sites offerings for yourself because they are vast!

Based on this game changer you will be seeing a lot more of my shoulders this summer =P
For 15% off your Brayola order use promo code: CURVYANDCURRENT15

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