Boots that fit!

Fall is officially in full swing and boots seem to be the only footwear that I am embracing in this breezy weather.

I remember the frustrating days (not so long ago!) when it was nearly impossible to find a boot that would fit my voluptuous calf.  Actually, high boots started to become popular when I was studying abroad in Italy. I yearned to wear this hot new trend and I was living in the leather capital, Florence, but after hundreds of failed attempts at squishing, stretching and trying to pull these boots up my leg I came to the conclusion that the trend was just not made for me.

It definitely took a couple of years for the plus market to catch on and even in the beginning when shoe companies released “wide-calf boots” let’s be honest… they were not all that wide. However, I vividly remember the day when that first pair of (REAL) wide-calf boots arrived and zipped up my leg with ease, it was an amazing feeling!

Wide-calf boots have come a long way since then and I am sometimes overwhelmed with the fantastic options that are out there, but today I wanted to discuss some of the best boots that I have found out in the market place this season.

One of my favorite boots that I’ve found this season was from Torrid. Torrid has seriously stepped up their shoe game and they have even started carrying other brands like Sam Edelman on their site but the best ones that I have found come from their very own “Torrid Collection”. The “Torrid Collection” uses all genuine leather and suede and the styles are sleek and easy to wear on a daily basis. The majority of this collection is retailing for about $200 however, with all the amazing discounts that they run on the site you can definitely get a fantastic deal on a pair of these gem. The pair that I have been loving is suede and knee-high, they are truly luxurious boots and the foot-bed could not be more cushioned and comfortable. I would definitely recommend checking those out.

Torrid black

Torrid Collection Genuine Suede Piping Boots


Torrid Collection Genuine Suede Piping Boots

I have also made a killing this season with boots from Comfortview. You can either google “Comfortview” or see these boots from the Romans website. Here they feature hundreds of styles and I can confidently buy these boots and know they will fit. In terms of fashion boots these are definitely the best ones that I have found. Whatever is trending in boots like, sparkle boots, combat boots or even over the knee boots I have found all at Comfortview. I have a pair of over the knee boots from them that I wear all of the time and I love pairing these with a short skirt for major school girl vibes.

Comfort view red boots

Knox Booties by Comfortview

Zappos is also a goldmine when it comes to wide calf boots. They feature everything from Uggs to snow boots and everything else in between. This was really the first place that I found a leather boot that fit my calf well and this is also the place where I’ve found the biggest collection of brands in one place.Your shoes are definitely an expression of style and when you live in a city like New York you need your boots to not only look good but also be able to handle the unforgiving streets. The brands above checked all of the boxes for me this season but I would definitely like to hear what wide-calf boots have been added to your collection!

comforview black

Alanis Wide Calf Boot by Comfortview


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