(#5) Velvet

My mother might tell you that velvet never went out of style. Although that might not be entirely true, this season velvet is back in a big way! I don’t know about you girls, but when I heard that velvet was back, my first thought was that I needed to invest in a portable fan….

(#4) The “third piece”

With unreliable weather patterns, this trend was almost a necessity. Topping your outfit with a bomber jacket, duster coat, or denim trucker is the only way to properly prepare for the weather ahead. The biggest surprise this season is the overwhelming response to bomber jackets; while these jackets were available in years past, this is…

(#3) Plaids

The perfect plaid is hard to find. The trick is to keep it feminine while still embracing this casual, androgynous trend. A traditional plaid button-down can sometimes read a little too lumberjack for my liking, so I prefer to wear a plaid dress or tunic. But regardless of how you like to wear your plaid,…

(#2) Customize it

Although BK may have been the first to say “Have It Your Way,” the millennial fashionista is taking this concept to the next level! Gucci was a pioneer in telling the customer she can have that designer bomber jacket or handbag with individualized patches, and retailers have adapted this DIY concept in many iterations. In…

(#1) Shoulder exposure

Wearing a crop top never appealed to me much. The whole idea of letting your stomach show seems a bit tacky to me. I promise—this is not a size thing. Even when I see a size two walking down the street, I never think it’s appropriate for a decent amount of stomach to be showing….